Cleaning of the home and personal hygiene have long been a very important part of how you are seen, perceived and in many cases treated. For instance most of us are very fussy where and who we will allow to prepare our food, if the person is dirty, un-kept, has unclean hands, unhygienic habits the chances are most of us are unlikely to accept food prepared by such a person. If areas where we are to consume food is unsanitary and dirty, let’s be honest would you eat there? Notice how often fast food venues wipe down and clean eating areas. When such areas are not kept clear and clean the flow of business and customer traffic is much reduced meaning that less people will use the area and even less will patronise or buy from such a place.

Why bother to clean:

There are many reasons why it is vital to keep eating areas clean, clear and hygienic, both in the home, in private and in public places. Health is the top reason for keeping these factors in mind;unclean conditions can produce bad odours and be rather unsightly. Gone are the days when your butcher was also your dentistand we are disgusted by the thought that people used to throw their human waste out of their windows of a morning. With all the modern amenities that are now available to us gone are the days when one would boast about having a bath once a year.

There are however still those who will use sweet scents to mask the stench of filth and decay. Be thankful that your butcher is not your dentist and your baker isn’t also your barber.

Keeping the home clean has for some time been an important factor of modern day living; especially if you entertain regularly or as many people do nowadays, use the home to run a business. There are now many codes and regulations to regulate environments where food is prepared and/or served. As well as Health and Hygiene considerations such as bacteria, cross contamination and spoiling agents there are also Safety considerations and once again these must be taken into consideration when dealing with the public or when taking your service into a private, personal or public domain.

As so many people now realise and understand the benefits of being in a clean and orderly environment there has grown up a very large number of companies, methods, facilities and services all aimed at helping you to keep yourself, and your environment clean safe, orderly and well maintained.

A Cleaner can be hired according to requirements, whether daily, weekly, monthly or simply when needed. Their job can be carried out in the home, offices, industrial kitchens, commercial premises and a number of other public and private places. Most cleaners will provide a number of services or specialise in a particular area such as Window cleaning, industrial kitchens, or just private residences, they will carry out their work at an agreed time and date or during a specific time period, and the aim is to clean specific areas. Dusting, general cleaning, vacuuming, deep cleaning, bed making are among the tasks of a cleaner. The specifics are best agreed beforehand between 2 Squeaky Clean and the customer.

Cleaning in the past:

Cleaning was once seen as a lowly occupation and only the uneducated or the destitute would resort to a job which included cleaning. Many women used cleaning as an honest way to sustain their families and enable them to pay bills and buy clothes and food. For some of these women cleaning was all they knew how to do and raising a family meant they did it often and well.

Attitudes to cleaning/cleaners have changed:

There has been a remarkable shift in not only attitudes but also in mentality. Over a number of years, a very long period of time and in so many differing ways, cleaning and housekeeping jobs are no longer gender specific. The lack of respect that used to come across someone’s face when they were in the presence of a cleaner could not be disguised, things are different now. Indeed cleaners, housekeepers, and chambermaids have been able to carve out a respectable place within society, they are no longer frowned upon and increasing numbers of the general public are now able to afford to hire someone to do tasks that they don’t like to do or have no time to do. No longer is a cleaner or a housekeeper the expectant requirement of the wealthy or ‘’well to do’’

Clean regularly and stay in control:

If chores and cleaning are not done regularly, surfaces are left cluttered; dirty and un-sanitised, litter if not disposed of regularly can attract vermin such as rat and foxes. Areas that are used regularly, such as the bathroom, toilet, shower and kitchen can become filthy and quickly fall into a serious state of uncleanliness that will harbour germs and bacteria and can be quite detrimental to health as well as proving very harmful especially to the young, old and those with breathing, chest and health problems such as allergies or Asthma. Dust lingers in the air, on materials, clothing and surfaces it is important to keep dust particles to a minimum. This can be done by changing your clothes and bedding regularly, vacuuming and dusting as often as is needed.

Dust, dirt and scum can accumulate very quickly especially if it is not keptto a controllable level. There are many specific cleaning tools, products and aids that are presently on the market to aid with keeping our environment safe and clean. Carpets, upholstery and bedding that repel or stop the breeding of dust mites, cloths that hold large amounts of liquids, bleaches, streak free cleaners, disposable paper, disposable cloths, bin bags with handles, floors that require minimal care, steam mops, polishes, sprays, waxes, mops, brooms, hoovers, disinfectants and a whole host of products. Individually our excuses are taken away; you will find that doing small amounts of cleaning regularly will help you to keep on top of things and in control of your environment.

Cleaning, “The New Trend”:

A clean home is now most times necessary for entertaining, be it for career purposes or for social reasons. There is presently a recent and prevailing concept that ‘a functional and uncluttered mind goes hand in hand with a clean and uncluttered home’. ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ can be difficult to stick to if you are busy, running around or you’re simply a parent with a career, job or a busy social calendar.

Where you live is a space that is personal to you, how you choose to live is your choice, however consider the points above and you can decide if your surroundings are acceptable to you or if there is something that you could easily do to improve the cleanliness of your living, eating and sleeping space, maybe it’s time for you to hire 2 Squeaky Clean to do it for you, leaving you with time and freedom to do whatever you want to do.


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